Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baked mooncakes (Piggy version)

A dear friend kept asking me to have a go at the piggy so here they are, not so nice as what she has done but I prefer the round pigs version. They are easier and looks much nicer... I tweak the original recipe and added coco powder. And on top of that I also made original flavour, just maintain 100g plain flour for that.
Piggy Mooncakes  - Chocolate version (adapted from Christine's recipe)
90g plain flour + 10g Coco Powder
28g Peanut Oil
60g Maple Syrup
1/2tsp Alkaline Water
Mix wet ingredients well. Add in flour and mix well
Rest for 40mins
Shape them according to the shape you want
Bake at 160deg for 10mins, cool then bake again for 10mins

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