Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zi Char Style Noodle - Sheng Mian

Made my last batch of orders for Baked Mooncakes and decided to cook a lazy and simple dinner. Since it has been a while seen i cooked Yi Mian, I decided to try Sheng Mian since it is the same type of ingredients used. This time round, I took pictures of the way to cook and ingredients used. I hope everyone will be able to cook this fuss-free meal.
Actually there is no right or wrong ingredients. You can use any leftover ingredients you have from home. I had some fish slices from cooking fish porridge this afternoon, fishballs from yesterday noodles soup etc. So I cut some pork, prawns, caixin and the leftover fish slices and fishballs for my gravy.

type of seasoning used
noodles used

1)Stir fry garlic til fragrant
2) Add in ingredients and cook til 80% cooked

(step 2)

3) Prepare seasoning in a bowl and pour into wok (3Tbsp Oyster Sauce + 2 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce + Pepper + 1/2 Tbsp Fish Gravy)
Seasoning (step 3)
4) Add 500ml ml of water. Taste when it comes to boil
5) Add in vegetable and stir well
(step 5)
6) Add beaten egg, mix well. Stir in corn starch when gravy starts to boil
7) Put noodles on plate and dish gravy on top


Alice Goh said...

Thanks Pris for the wonderful receipe. My family & I enjoyed it very much. I couldn't find the pre-cooked noodle, so I bought chow mein & fried it with some oil. Turned out just as good.

Priscilla said...


Glad to hear that... Enjoy!!