Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sushi Fun

1st attempt

2nd attempt
Hubby was saying that I should try to learn and make sushi at home, it could be something good for a change from the usual western or asian fare at home. So I asked my aunt, who is the only one that I know can make sushi and I had them before. Yummy - 1 word to describe them.
Having tips from her, google from internet and I am geared to have a go at them. Being stubborn, I followed a blog that says I should add 1:2 in the ratio of rice: water. The rice ended up too soft but filling are still great.
My 2nd attempt, I finally listen to the expert, my aunt. 1:1 for the ratio of rice: water. But this time, I think the problem lies in my rice cooker cos I cant have too much or too little water when cooking rice, if not I will end up with a layer of burnt rice at the bottom. So ended up with a rice that is slightly harder.
It is ok on the day itself to consume, but left overnight makes it real hard. I bought Tuna Mayonaise, Lemon Salmon Mayonaise as filling. Made Crabmeat mayonaise too. Tried using avocado, cucumber and crabmeat for sushi roll as well. But still need to work hard on the sushi roll.
Sushi Rice
2 Cups Japanese Rice
2 Cups Water
1Tbsp Rice Vinegar
Cook rice as per norm with water.
Once cooked, scoop rice in a bowl and 'slice' the rice scoop thru rice to cool it
Add rice vinegar to mix well. Cover with cloth and leave to cool, to prevent rice from drying
Crabmeat Mayonaise
3 Crabmeat
1Tbsp Mayonaise
Boil Crabmeat and shred into slices. Cut into small pieces
Add mayonaise and stir well.

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