Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snowskin Mooncake - Last Batch for 2012

With the remaining paste in the fridge, I decided to finish them up and make them for 1 of my GF with some new ideas and inspirations from my friends in MFWL. Reference to previous post on the Snowskin recipe from DequeenKitchen, I made the above combination and had so much fun. Here is what I have done for each mooncake.
Flavours of Mooncakes:
White Kitty - Snowskin with White Lotus Strawberry Mochi

Kitty Head - Snowskin With White Lotus Paste

Yellow Kitty - Durian Snowskin with White Lotus Paste
*added 1tsp of durian essence to snowskin dough*

Beige Pooh Head - Red Tea Snowskin with White Lotus Paste
*replaced water with Pokka Red Tea*

Brown Doraemon - Chocolate Snowskin with Strawberry Truffle
*added 1tsp choc essence to snowskin dough, wrap strawberry paste with home-made baileys truffle*

Pink Pooh - Strawberry Snowskin with Strawberry Paste
*added 1tsp of strawberry essence*

Purple Kitty - Blueberry Snowskin with Strawberry Mochi Paste
*replaced water with Blueberry Juice, wrapped strawberry with strawberry paste*

Yellow Pooh - Durian Snowskin with Durian Truffle
*added 1tsp of durian essence to snowskin dough, wrap durian paste with home-made baileys truffles**

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