Sunday, September 9, 2012

My 2nd order from my sister and her friend

After my order from my friend, my sis was intrigued by the appearance of the Mysterion cupcakes and decided to order some with her friends to make up my minimum orders. So 6 icing image cupcakes and 2 fondant cupcakes, all for the Hello Kitty lovers!
Some were chocolate flavours and some strawberry flavour. Decided to do them up this time round with colorful sprinkles at the border of Hello Kitty Icing Cupcakes to complement the cute kitty. End result was sweet and simple. When you see them in the individual casing, they are so cute.
As for the fondant cupcakes, I colored some yellow fondant, used the white fondant and use chocolate rice for the whiskers, black icing for the eyes and sugar flowers to replace the ribbon.. Sweet, in my views la. Covered the top of cupcakes with a pastel yellow fondant, placed the kitty head on top. Simple combination.

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