Friday, September 21, 2012

Dual Flavour Ice Cream Cake II

Happy that my dear friends are coming over for a small gathering and catch-up session on a saturday, I decided to make a dessert for them. Ponder on what should I make, finally decided to try again - Ice Cream Cake.
This time i decided to try dual flavour. From the many good feedbacks the last round for my Oreo Ice Cream Cake, I decided to make a Oreo and Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream Cake. Intially wanted to make a Strawberry Ice Cream with Oreo Ice Cream but seems like it is not the season now. All the strawberries selling in supermarket seems very 'ripe' and not suitable so i used Cadbury Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate this round.
Still maintain the same recipe from the other round and prepared the ice cream few days ahead. Only make the sponge the night before, this time with Optima Sponge Mix to see what difference it makes to the cake layer after freezing it with ice cream.
This time round, i also did a step by step photos for sponge and assembly of cake. Perhaps will include the steps of preparing the ice cream the next round. Stay tune friends. You can also leave me comments should you need any guide or step by step photos. Will do my best.
Ice Cream Recipe (reference to Oreo Ice Cream Cake)
200ml Whipping Cream
100ml Milk *
55g Chocolate **
I cooked Whipping Cream and Milk til almost boil
Add in chocolate and stir til all melted
Leave to cool before freezing
*I used fresh milk for Oreo flavour, strawberry milk for Strawberry Chocolate flavour
**I used white chocolate for Oreo flavour, strawberry yogurt chocolate for Strawberry Chocolate flavour
***I added oreo crumbs after freezing for 1hours, stir in oreo crumbs. Amount up to individual preference
Sponge Cake Recipe (reference to Pandan Kaya Cake)
250g Sponge Mix
4 eggs
1Tsp Vanilla Essence
11/2 Tbsp Olive Oil
3Tbsp Milk


1)Beat sponge mix and eggs til light and fluffly
2) Mix vanilla essence, olive oil and milk. Fold in gently to cake batter
3) Pour into prepared tin and bake at 170deg for 40-45mins
4) Cool cake and cut into layers
Method of Assembly

1) Put a cling film over the cake tin. Put 1 layer of sponge over and push down bottom of tin gently
2) Spread semi-melted ice cream on to sponge and level it
3) Put another layer of sponge over
4) Spread another layer of semi-melted ice cream on sponge and level again

5) Top with another sponge, cover with cling film and freeze

6) You can whipped cream til stiff and bring out 'freezed' ice cream cake to cream
7) Deco as per you wish, and freeze it again

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