Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Piggy Mooncakes II

Attempted this little pigs for the last attempt, using the original mooncake recipe. Felt that the version of Maple Syrup makes the dough slightly drier and the chocolate version too. Perhaps the Coco powder could have been a reason too.
Today I made Chocolate Piggy and Original Piggy, both recipe from Christine's Recipes, just adding a teaspoon of chocolate essence as I do not want the coco powder to 'dry' out the dough.
Piggy Mooncakes (Reference to my post)
100g Plain Flour
60g Golden Syrup
1/2tsp Alkaline Water
28g Peanut Oil
Mix wet ingredients well
Make a well and add in flour, mix til mixture come together
Rest for 40mins
Mould into 15g balls. Use melon seeds as ears, choc rice as eyes
Bake at 160deg for 10mins, cooled and egg wash then baked another 10mins

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