Monday, September 17, 2012

Chocolate Truffles

Had the sudden urge of making truffles with liquor for my snowskin mooncakes. Plan to make some alcoholic snowskin mooncakes for my own consumption as well as giving to some closer friends. 
Managed to find a recipe that is not so difficult after googling for a few days. Finally decided to use Christine's recipes as it is very clear and I wanna clear off the 'opened' carton of whipping cream.
Didn't managed to find Lindt White Chocolate that Christine is using, and I substitute the Dark a chocolate with the 70% Dark Chocolate and White with Cadbury White chocolate.
Ended up with a yummy dark Choc truffles, but the Cadbury white seems not able to harden and I am guessing that it is not suitable for making truffles?
Dark Chocolate Truffle (adapted from Christine's)
75g Dark Chocolate
30ml Whipping Cream
15g butter (I forgot to halve the butter but still taste good)

Heat whipping cream til boiling
Pour over choppedchocolate chocolate and stir well
Add in butter after chocolate melted and cool
Cover with cling film, with the film touching the top of the melted chocolate mixture
Chill for 2-3hours or overnight, until firm to handle
Roll them into balls, quickly as it melts real fast. (I use the melon ball scraper)
Return to freezer

*i melted some cooking chocolate and coat the chocolate truffle balls after it harden in the freezer then freeze again*

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