Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kueh Bolu

Bought 2 new recipe book from Popular this afternoon. Got me so inspired to make Kueh Bolu from the book - Egg Me On from Seashore publisher. Anyway I was pondering about no 'fresh' breakfast for the kids tml morning and I dont want to give them those ready swiss roll packs unless on a 'rainy' day. So there I go, my virgin attempt.

Overall, it is quite easy to make. Just need to beat egg and sugar to ribbon stage, fold in flour and oil. After making them, I did goggle a bit on what are the avail recipes. The one that intrigue me was those without using oil, I wonder what texture it yield. I am so gonna try that next. And another thing, I will be adding some vanilla essence as I prefer vanilla VS eggs!
This recipe gives a soft and not dry texture in my view. Outside, some are very dry that you seriously need to drink lots of water while eating them. But I have also encounter those that taste like little cakes. This is definetely not gonna stop at 1 attempt.

Kueh Bolu (adapted from Egg Me On by Seashore Publisher )
3 eggs
140g sugar (I used 120g and still find a bit sweet)
150g plain flour (I used cake flour)
1/2 cup oil (I use olive)

Beat egg and sugar til ribbon stage. (when batter falls back into batter with a trail)
Fold in flour and oil gently
Preheat oven and greased moulds
Preheat greased moulds for 5 mins
Drop batter into center of moulds, about 3/4 full
Bake at 200 deg til browned

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