Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colorful Rice Chocolate Swissroll

Decided to use up my SMB (Swiss Meringue Buttercream) so I did a Swissroll to pair with it. Wanted to try the difference when paired with whipped cream and SMB. End result, definitely the buttercream is more yummy. And seeing the colorful rice, my gal was so happy. Effort not wasted. 
Browsed thru DeQueen and Tigg3r blogs and the chocolate Swiss roll pic on Tigg3r entice me to make 1 like hers.
Chocolate Swissroll (adapted from Tigg3r, I halve the recipe to make 1 mini roll)
35g Boiling Water
12.5g Coco Powder
10g Caster Sugar
2 yolks
7.5g Sugar
25g Olive oil
25g Cake flour

2 whites
25g sugar

1) Dissolve sugar and coco powder in boiling water and leave aside
2) Whisk yolks and sugar well. Add in oil and above mixture
3) Add in cake flour, mix well.
4) Beat whites til stiff peaks
5) Fold in 1/3 whites to cake batter, fold in cake batter to remaining whites
6) Bake at 200deg for 10-15min
7) Cool before spreading Buttercream (recipe, pls click here)

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