Sunday, September 9, 2012

First support from a old friend

my first attempt
my 2nd attempt
Icing image
all packed
An old secondary school friend sms me for a special request, asking for Southpark Character - Mysterion. Ermmmm.... initially asking if I can do in the form of Mooncake. Ok, how am I supposed to do that? I suggest in the form of cupcakes, or was it from him? I can't remember but I know we finally settle on 6xIcing Image cupcakes and 6xFondant cupcakes. 
So, it was my 1st attempt for cakes from a friend and this got me kinda stress even though I had baked many times. So to reduce the chances of failure, I settle for Betty Crocker Cake Mix topped with Hershey Coco powder for Choc flavour, ordered my icing from a Baking supplier. 
I got some Phoon Huat's White fondant from a friend, and over the past few days, frantically mixing the white with blue + red to form purple. To my dismay, no matter how, it still turn BLUE the next day, or should I say in a couple of hours. And finally becomes Green!! 
So finally, again I got some purple colour, add to the white fondant, it still turns BLUE! So my last resort, I turn to MMF even though I seriously hated the thought of getting messy but I got no choice. I added purple to home-made MMF, finally the PURPLE stays! Thank God!
I first attempt to make the fondant, I gave up. So so so ugly and I send to my friend, finally decided on just the 6 icing image cuppies since I can't churn them out. But after getting some advice and steps via Whatsapp from a helpful friend in MFWL, I managed to do it out and it was so much nicer. But then the finishes is very 'rough'. I did til 1am, left it overnight and guess what, my fondant melts BIG TIME. All of them slided down!! 
Guess fated to just have the icing cupcakes la, so there he goes.
Marshmallow Fondant Recipe (not my recipe, can just google and you get a lot of version)
200g mini marshmallow
Icing sugar
2Tbsp water

1) Put marshmallow in microwavable bowl and added water
2) Heat up 15-20 seconds each time and stir after heating up. Continue until marshmallows melt
3) Add in icing sugar slowly and slowly fold with spatula, may add colourings at this time
4) I jus keep adding icing sugar til u can take out to knead, adding icing sugar as you knead
5) Once dough is elastic and smooth, you are done. Wrap in cling wrap and rest 24hours before use

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