Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kueh Bolu Attempt II

Due to the weather and the occasional coughs, I didn't want my gal to have biscuits in Playgroup as snacks. Told her I will give her something. And since I am trying to 'perfect' the Kueh Bolu and is finding a chance to try a recipe without oil. So I went ahead and goggle. Anncoo Journal is my final call. 
After reading through, I realized that it is more of less about the same ingredients just that some proportions is  different and it ask for baking powder, vanilla essence and doesn't require oil. Just what I wanna try. And another attempt was I made them in silicone moulds. Yes, so that I don't have to grease or preheat them. Haha, lazy right?
The end results is better than yesterday's as this recipes is softer and fluffier than those I made yesterday. Guess this is the recipe I am looking for. 
Kueh Bolu (recipe from Anncoojournal)
3 eggs
90g sugar
90g cake flour *original recipe call for plain flour*
1tsp Vanilla Essence
3/4tsp Baking Powder

Beat eggs and sugar til fluffy and creamy (ribbon stage)
Add in vanilla essence and fold in flour
Scoop batter to moulds and fill 3/4
Bake at 200deg for about 20mins or til browned


Anonymous said...

Nice recipe. Unfortunately, I'm cooking bad :(.
But my friend recommended me a site funny cooking book
I always check out this website before making food.
Sorry for my English. It's my third language.

Priscilla said...

Hi Ebanis,
This is a very simple recipe and taste yummy. Am sure you can also make them. Anything u need help with, just leave a comment. Thanks for dropping by my blog.