Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bread Making - Steps by Steps Pic

A dear friend from secondary school whatsapp me and asked about bread-making and to better 'visualized' her in her 1st attempt, I offered to try and take as many pics as I go along with my routine bread making at home. Pics are not that professional as I struggle with my iPhone with my 'oily hands' wriggling in a plastic hand gloves to take the pics. Pardon the lousy pics, dear..
Anyway, I am using Soh Pin Tee's recipe, following exactly just that I halve the recipe. I make the dough into a small loaf, which is 2x60g dough (it should be 3x60g dough and will proof nicely but I am saving it for mini cheese rolls for my gal) and the remaining into 20g dough for the mini cheese roll.
First, we put all the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl. Flour, yeast at a side, sugar & salt opp side. Mix them a little, add in milk then you can mix them on the mixer.

After the mixture starts to come into a dough, add the butter and continue to knead.

Mix until a thin membrane is form (approx about 20-25mins on speed 2 on a KitchenAid) It should not tear easily when you try to stretch the dough, then it should be ready. (**note that for wholemeal, it can not reach membrane stage, just knead til elastic and smooth**)
Roll up into a round ball and leave in a greased bowl to proof it for 1 hour or until it doubled in size. I usually cover with a wet cloth, leave it in my microwave with a cup of hot water and close the door. It takes approximately 45-60mins to proof/doubled.
Once it doubled, divide them into the weight as per you want to make them. I divide 60g each for a mini loaf bread, or 20g for a mini cheese roll. Rest them for 10mins after dividing them up, covered.
For Loaf Bread, u need to roll out the dough with a rolling pin, take 1 end and press down into center of the dough. Bring up the other end and seal up as per pic below.
step 1
step 3

step 2

Roll out the dough again with a rolling pin. Then roll them up like a swiss roll with the ends facing down.
Step 4

Step 5
 Place them with a small gap in the mini loaf tin and leave for 2nd proof. (Usu i will have 3x60g dough which will fill up my mini tin nicely)
before 2nd proof
after 2nd proof
 For mini cheese roll, the rolling part is the same as above, just some difference only. Follow the same steps as per Step 1-3. After which, you cut up cheese strips and place on the dough before rolling up.

before 2nd proof
after 2nd proof

White Bread Recipe - Yield a Mini loaf & 6 Mini Cheese Bread (recipe adapted from Soh Pin Tee)
170g Bread Flour
20g Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
2g Yeast
105g Milk
20g Butter

Mix dry ingredients, followed by milk
Add in butter after dough is form
Knead til elastic and go for 1st proof. It takes about an hour or until doubled
Divide dough into portion and rest 10mins. Shape dough accordingly and proof 1hour
Bake at 180deg for 20mins 

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