Friday, June 28, 2013

Mac Mac Mac Macarons!!


I am trying this again, after 2 attempts previously. My 1st, it was disaster.. No feets and super sweet.. But my kids happily ate up the empty shells, enjoying their sugar treat. My 2nd, it finally have feets. But the texture, kinda chewy, still fail for my expectations. Tastewise, it is rich and packed with chocolate fragrance. And then today, why I did it after 2 not successful attempts? I saw the Match Macarons in Anncoo's blog. I am fascinated. 

I replaced Matcha powder with Hershey Coco powder. And today I really sieve it twice. Very hard. And my KA, so difficult to beat up 1 white. (30g white is approx 1 egg white). I have to beat it, hand whisk, beat again, hand whisk to thick and glossy. Tiring. And I was pressing hard with a spoon to sieve the dry ingredients as smooth as I could. Muscle training in progress..


As I mix, thoughts running through my mind. What cream should I make? Should I use Nutella? Should I use Vanilla SMBC? Or perhaps Creamcheese? Creamcheese frosting does sounds appealing, at least it will even out the chocolate Macarons shells? Hahha. But I shan't be happy so soon cos I still don't know if my Macarons shells are successful. Lets wait and see.. *fingers crossed*

Yeah! The 'fingers crossing' works, the shell came out pimple free and nice. I put in my heart shapes first and remember to put middle rack. All came out nicely baked with feets. For my 2nd tray which is round shapes, I forgot and jus 1 rack above the empty rack, all cracked like crazy, some with feets and some without. And only 2 survive without cracks and with feets. Hahah~

I simply mix up 57g Butter + 1tsp Vanilla extract + 1 Tbsp Lemon juice + 1/4cup Icing sugar. Mix it smooth and well to make Lemon Vanilla buttercream. It goes well with my Chocolate shells. Yummy.. Am so gonna attempt again...

Chocolate Macarons (adapted from AnncooJournal)
37g Ground Almond
3g Matcha powder
40g Icing sugar

30g Egg white
40g Icing sugar

1)  Sieve dry ingredients twice. Leave aside.
2) Beat whites til foamy, add icing sugar. Beat to stiff peak. (thick and glossy)
4) Fold in dry ingredients in 2 additions. Pipe onto baking paper. Leave in rm temp for 30mins.
5) Bake in middle rack,  with a empty tray beneath for 10mins at 150deg. This is to prevent burnt bottom.
5) Shift empty tray above and bake for another 5-8mins. Once shell is cooked, it will be easily removed from baking paper. 
6) Leave to cool and put your preference of cream.


Pei San said...

Great job!!

lena said...

well done! sounds so challenging and they look great!