Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cycling at ECP & Eating at Charly T

Selemat Hari Raya Haji to all Muslims friends! Today is a public holiday, as well as a day out for the kids. I decided to go cycling since grandma was out to dinner with my Uncle & family. We then proceed to East Coast Park since the weather isn't too hot and humid, partly due to the heavy downpour this morning.

We reached East Coast Park, near the Big Splash area, waited for quite a while b4 we managed to parked. We then choose the Quad Bicycle for 2 adults. It's $28/hr so we rent for an hour. I brought along their bubbles tube so they can enjoy the ride, scenery as well as blow their bubbles. (Of cos some snacks and water for them too)

We went in to Road Safety Park as well. Inside brought back memories of me during my primary school excursion. I still remember that I was so sad that I didn't get to be a cyclist or motorist. Ha~ The roads inside wasn't very well-taken care of, some roads were bumpy. I wondered if it's because it is open to public now? No additional cost for maintainance?

Further down, we came to a small pier-like place where some were fishing, cyclist stopping to enjoy the scenery. It was so windy there. The kids don't even need to blow their bubbles, the wind can blow bubbles from the sticks after dipping into the soapy water.

We go down a bit more, set timer at 45min mark, we did a u-turn and manage to return on time. By then, poor hubby must haf been tired. Cos I was busy snapping pics, entertaining the 2 little ones and also I trying to eat snake la. But still I still ended up sweaty le.

Since it was so hot, we cancel our plans for prata at Mr Teh Tarik, I think, just opposite the Bicycle Rental shop. We escape to 112 Katong Mall since we haven went there before. We visit Charly T that I recently googled about. We ordered 1/4 Original Chicken, with Mac&Cheese and Butter Rice, Mushroom Soup with Dill Bread plus 1 Kids portion Fish & Chips.

I liked the Chixken, the skin is so flavourful. It would have been better if it's thigh meat. As for the 2 sides that come along, I personally don't enjoy cos I am not a Capsicum person. Ha~ Hubby likes though so it's individual preference.

The soup is nice, especially so with the bread. We dipped the bread into the soup and finished up every single bit of it.

The Fish & Chips portion is just nice for 1 kid. Comes with fries and the Tartar sauce is very nice! The batter is a bit thick in my view though.

My favourite part, the Kids' Corner! It has story books, crayons, colourings pencils as well as paper with maze, games and section to colour too. Both of them can't wait to go there and finished up their food quite fast. How I wished I could buy my dessert from BlackBalls up to enjoy.. I think I could have sat there for hours. Cool~

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