Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Chocolate Hearts

I am using back this recipe again as I am only making enough for tml's BF as well as for Irisa to bring to school for snacks. This recipe is just nice cos the amount of bread yield is just nice for 3 adult and 2 kids. Heee.....

I really like the softness of this bread. It is soft and kinda like those you get from outside bakery. I divide them into 6 little hearts at 30g each, and 300g bread loaf. As I am shaping and rolling them into little hearts, my gal aldy requested to bring them for school tml... 

After cooling, I packed them up. My little boy ran up to me and say, mummy r u making milk for me? Then he saw the bread, I wan eat bread I wan bread! So I asked, bread then no milk ok? He says yes. Later I drink milk I cough milk le. (Think he meant if he eat bread and drink milk will vomit cos overly full) He is getting so verbal nowadays! 

**Note: I am using my breadmaker for kneading and 1st proof. 

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