Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prawn & Veg Fritters

I have been craving for this the longest time, my neighbor used to make them for me when she makes it for her family. But now she had a newborn, I guess it's gonna be a 'long' wait! Hahaha~ (Joking la, she still cooks me other dish on and off, but standing there to deep fry seems not so realistic with 2 older kids and 1 baby at home.)

Anyway I chanced upon this recipe from QiQi a while back, but I didn't have the courage to make them. I'm just worried that the fritter will 'spread out' and not be nicely fried and all. So this afternoon, I didn't had lunch and couldn't have a proper nap as both kids are home (#1 was sick), they claim hungry after their porridge lunch so I decided to go out and make them.

It took me 15mins to prepare the ingredients, chopped and another 15mins to fry all. I use 1/3 of recipe and came up with about 13-15pcs of average size fritters. Overall, it taste wonderful with Chilli sauce, crispy on outside and soft inside. I left about 2-3pc batter in the fridge for hubby to come home after work, before in make them piping hot for him. 

My kids enjoy them, with my gal asking when will I make them again. It's a good snack to get non-vegetable eating kids to have vegetables. I simply play around with whatever ingredients I have in the fridge for this fritter, it works well too...

Prawn & Vegetable Fritters (adapted and modified slightly from QiQi)
100g Self Raising flour
1tsp Chopped Parsely
1tsp Tumeric Powder
3Stalk Spring Onions, Chopped
1/2Cup Corn
1/2 Carrot, strips
1 Egg
1tsp Salt
6 Shrimps, cubed
1-11/2 Cup Water (I use 1Cup)

1) Prepare all above ingredients, mix flour, chopped Parsely, Tumeric powder and egg with water into batter, until no lumps are seen. (I used a whisk)
2) I add in remaining ingredients and mix well.
3) Heat up fire in a pot, I drop smalls coops of batter into pot and fry both sides til golden brown. Serve warm.

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