Friday, October 25, 2013

Non-Baked Strawberry Cheesecake

Happy Birthday to my mum! Couldn't do something nicer as I wasn't feeling very well. So I decided to try 1 of the non-baked cheesecake recipe in my 'bookmarks' list. 

I didn't use Ribena as both my boy n myself are coughing so I replaced the plain yogurt with strawberry yogurt. And my balance Creamcheese was 200g so I play around with the proportion.. Hoping secretly in my heart that it turns out well.. And this is also my first time, making little hearts from swirling the skewer. Quite fun though it isn't perfect looking. 

Pardon me for the messy sides of the cake cos I was kiasu and use foil, cling wrap. With the use of my new heart-shaped chiffon tin, I overlapped the 'hole' with foil and wrap, made my base and set my cream cheese. As for Gelatine, luckily my estimation did worked out well, it sets well.

I took out a little into 2 small dessert cups for my gal & hubby.. Yummy!!

Hope my mum loves the cake prepared with love for her.

Non-Baked Strawberry Cheesecake (modified slightly from HappyHomeBaking)
100ml water
2Tbsp Gelatine powder

250g Disgestive Biscuits, crushed
100g Melted Butter
200g Creamcheese
60g Sugar
200g Strawberry Yogurt (I used Meiji)

1) I prepared the Gelatine solution first, letting it bloom in the water for 10mins then using microwave at 10seconds interval to melt. Leave aside.
2) Crushed the biscuits, combined with melted butter and pressed into the tin. Leave in freezer while preparing the Creamcheese mixture.
3) Beat Creamcheese and sugar til fluffy. Add Gelatine solution(I leave balance of about 15-20ml since I am not using full recipe) and yogurt. Mix well.
4) Spoon over prepared crust. I leave 1Tbsp of mixture, mix with purple and drop droplets onto top of cake. I use a skewer and gently swirl around to create 'hearts' effects.
5) Refrigerate for at least 2hours or overnight since I prepare a day in advance.


Anonymous said...

Wa, this post is making me so hungry now! ^^

lena said...

couldnt be more lovelier than baking a cake for your mum's on her birthday! see, your girl has validated its deliciousness! have a great coming week!