Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everyday Bread recipe in my breadmaker

Alright, my bread frenzy still haven stopped. I am still trying this recipe, that recipe from everywhere I saw, but of cos the pic of the end product must entice me la. Lol~

I saw this Everyday bread from HappyHomeBaking and I was thrilled, excited and nervous at the same time. I wanted to try it, to see if it's gonna be my everyday bread too.. (After I have enuf fun from trying all different recipe)

It uses a mixture of bread flour and cake flour which I seldom incorporate cake flour into my bread. So I must try and see how it goes. I think I sort if have a recollection that I have tried before and I didn't quite succeed with that recipe. But I can't remember which aldy.. 

So today, following the recipe from HappyHomeBaking, I do everything it calls for, except that I didn't add in salt. I followed the sequence too.

It is really soft, really like the G brand bread texture. I am hoping it will stay soft too.. And dun ask me how come the bread haf a 'crown'... (Becos I realized a piece of dough stick to the side of the bread pan so I stick to the top...)

Oh, did I mention I am using a bread slicer aid too? It is more evenly sliced up now..

Everyday Bread (recipe adapted from HappyHomeBaking)
270g Bread Flour
30g Cake Flour
1tsp Yeast
1tsp Sugar
1/2tsp Salt *omit*
170ml Milk
14g Butter

1) Add milk, butter, sugar and salt in breadmaker pan. Add flour on top, make an indent and add yeast. Start on menu 1: basic bread. 
2) Take bread out 15-20mins earlier once crust is nicely browned.

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