Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mixed Herbs Ham & Cheese Loaf

Been wanting to make thins 'flavour' for the longest time. Finally today I get down to it. I am using the bread recipe I used previously for the Pandan Marble Bread as the bread dough since the loaf was so soft and my grandma likes it. So I am experimenting it with my Ham & Cheese.

I added 1tsp of Sage & Parsley, along with 4 slice of ham, chopped. Leaving 1/2 portion to add when the breadmaker do it's 2nd proof. Added grated cheese during 2nd proof as well... Yummy... 

Oh my, oh my, I am so glad that I made them. The fragrance of Sage and Parsley, along with ham and cheese. I tell u, really tell u hor, it is so so fragrant and the bread is so soft. I could resist and kept pinching the bread as I was slicing them. Woo~ And the bread recipe that I used from Carol's is really super soft. Loving it....

Presenting my dinner tonite.. Simple porridge with Fish and Stir-fry Beansprouts.

Mixed Herbs Ham & Cheese Bread (modified slightly from here)
125g milk
1 Egg
260g Bread Flour
20g Cake Flour
20g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
1/2tsp Yeast
20g Butter

4slice Ham, chopped
1tsp Sage
1tsp Parsley
50g grated cheese

1) Follow the above sequence for bread, adding the 1/2 portion of ham, all the herbs when dough is form. Menu: 1, light crust.
2) Once Breadmaker beeps, add balance ham & cheese.
3) Remove 15-20mins once it is lightly browned.

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