Monday, September 30, 2013

Things we do with the kids on a weekend

Every weekends, me and hubby tried to find places or things to do with the kids. This is kinda new to us cos we are in the beginning stage of doing so. Why? Cos my #2 is finally learning to enjoy what we do so I tot it's a good time to do so.

We decided to keep every weekends for family time, be it grocery shopping, simple coffee and cakes session or even shopping trips that thrilled my #1. Trying hard to be more active in various forms of activities.

So, I googled for some kids activities on Saturday night as we were thinking where to bring the kids as we have no plans for that day. We chanced upon EatPlayLove cafe review and was intrigued. The little craft corner that will interest the kids and it's a great bonding time as well. But sad to say, it is fully booked for that weekend. We ended up having our meal at A for Arbite at Aliwal Arte Center which is just beside. 

We weren't too hungry so hubby and I shared a Ceasar Salad, the kids shared a Linguine with Black Forest Truffle Ham and we ended the meal with a cappuccino, latte and The Wife's Chocolate cake, which is basically a brownie served with scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The salad is so-so, average, and I dared to say I can make better. 

The linguine is very yummy, esp with the ham. It is in cream based but not overly rich. (Ok, I steal a mouth to taste) 

The chocolate cake is soft and not overly sweet, goes very well with the ice cream and needless to say, we finish it all. The coffee were average. 

Overall, I would say average for food experience and cost wise, over-priced. I spent a total of $58+ for all the above. Not very friendly for our pockets.

The next place we tried from my google search results was Belly View Cafe at NSRCC Sea Sports Center. I did a little search review on it and I know I am not gonna find fantastic food there but I know the kids will enjoy the view and of cos, the feel of aeroplanes flying over our head as we had our meal. 

We ordered Hor Fun & Yee Mee which is totally bland for us. But it could helped a bit to eat it with their cut green chilli. 
The Fried Rice is ok, average I would say.

Then the Fried Mee Sua, it really makes up for the 'lost' of salt earlier on. Tasty but over saltish. Hahah~ 

The best dish of all - Prawn Paste Chicken. It is crispy on outside, fragrant meat. My gal had most of it, being a fried Chix lover same as mummy. Food experience was fantastic, cost wise is same as those normal zi char stalls. Fun for the kids and we had a little 'ride' on the swing too.

The kids, especially my boy was playing imaginary airplanes with his hands throughout. 


Ivy Sew said...

Happy and sweet family, Priscilla. Yeah, indeed we should have at least 1 day in a week for family activity. Cheers and keep smiling ;)

Priscilla Toh said...

Hi Ivy,

Thanks a lot for the compliments. I am also making it a point to find more child-friendly or interesting place for the children to go. Hope they have more out of their childhood.
Take care babe... =) Nice to have you following me.... *wink*