Saturday, June 15, 2013

3-ingredients Cheesecake (Advanced Father Day)

Finally had time to BAKE and 90% recovered.. Yeah!! I have been itching to bake after a week of seeing all the delicious post and of cos all those that really interest me to try them out. 1 of the recipe is this 3-ingredients cheesecake.

It seems simple, yields a cottony cheesecake similar to Jap Cheesecake. I so so wanted to try. I bought a bar of white chocolate last weekend. But when I really looked at the recipe and then the chocolate, I realized I only got 45g of chocolate but recipe was 120g. But I really wanted to try so I modify slightly. 

End results? I find nt enuf cream cheese though proportion of cream cheese more than chocolate. Not sweet enough, perhaps add 10-20g sugar? Next round will follow exact recipe.. 

Happy Father Day!!!!!

3-ingredients Cheesecake (modified from Culinary Kitchen
40g White Chocolate
100g Cream Cheese
1tsp Lemon Juice
2 Eggs, separated

1) Melt the white chocolate in microwave. Add in soften cream cheese and melt in microwave.
2) Add in lemon juice and 2 yolks. Meanwhile, beat whites til stiff peaks. 
*I didn't fridge the whites b4 beating and I didn't managed to beat til stiff, only slightly soft-stiff peaks
3) Fold in 1/3 whites to batter then pour batter into remaining whites. Fold and mix well gently.
4) Bake at 170deg for 15mins, then 160deg for remaining 15mins. After that, off the power and let it continue to sit in the hot oven for 15mins.
4) Chill in fridge, serve slightly chilled.


angeline ong said...

Happy Father's Day to your hubby... both kids are very cute....

Priscilla said...

Thanks Angeline!