Saturday, June 15, 2013

Soup Soupy Soup... Yummy Macaroni

I am cooking this dish cos I missed th Tom Yam pasta that I had at Black Canyon Coffee in Phuket. That was in Feb when hubby brought me along when he had some work stuff then I fly over to meet him after that. Had a short stay at the resort. 

We stayed at one of the resort that is a bit inside, away from the rowdy Patong - Sea View Villa. We booked the room with the private jacuzzi. It is a really big room. Mini kitchenette, spacious living area, big balcony and big bedroom. Really nice!! And I remember it was not too ex too..

1 of the days, we were shopping at the Patong Shopping Mall and couldn't make up our mind what for lunch so we chanced upon this Black Canyon Coffee. We though we can have our coffee and also lunch too. So there is where the sparks come off when we tried the Tom Yam Pasta. It is Tom Yam Soup base served with the shell-like Pasta. Spicy but yummy. And the Iced Expresso, BEST!! 

 So, I tried to mimic this Tom Yam flavour at home twice. The first time I failed cos hubby says short of seafood taste and something just missing from the taste. Today I added Shrimps and more ingredients. (My GFs came over for lunch) I find that it is really 80% resemblance and so yummy... Super enjoy...

And yes, this is the Tom Yam paste I added to the Yellow Beans + Ikan Billis Soup stock that I brewed, along with the 2 chic thigh bones from the meat added to the soup. Yummy!!

Plain/Tom Yam Pasta Soup
Handful of Yellow Beans
Handful of Ikan Billis
Chix Bone from the thigh meat
Sesame Oil
Dash of Pepper
1Tbsp Fish Gravy

1) Boil all above then lower heat and simmer.
2) Add Macaroni, above seasoning. Cook til macaroni is done, drained.

Shrimps, de-shelled and leave head and tail on
2 Chix Thigh Meat, sliced
7 Fresh Scallops
6 Fishballs
6 Raviolli
Japanese Mushroom

1) Add all ingredients to soup, except Lettuce. Cook til done.
2) Take lettuce and placed at bottom of bowl. Scoop macaroni, then put soup and ingredients over. Serve warm.
For Tom Yam version, add 1 Tbsp of paste to 1l of soup. Bring to boil. And put over macaroni. Serve warm. (I scoop out the soup stock and cook Tom Yam in another smaller pot.)

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