Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BBQ Chix Rice

Been searching online for food that helps to relieve constipation for toddlers, apparently Kale, Cabbage, Brocoli, Cauliflower and some peas, can't remember what peas, helps. So today I decided to go for a fast dinner preparation cos I aldy spent some time on my cheesecake. 

Decided to do the lazy way, marinate the Chix thighs with Heinz BBQ sauce. Sprinkle some parsley on top and bake. More healthy choice. And the veg to go along with is Stir Fry Cabbage with Tang Hoon & Canned Pork Chop - a dish I grow up eating. Simple and fast to prepare. 

Little boy has been having 2-3 times of difficult poo-ing episode in a month. Yes, sometimes I am a bit slack and forgot about the fruits. But I do make him drink water, yes sometimes. Haiz, I really need to buck up. So I just stock up on dried prunes, prune juice, pear juice and peach juice. I am so gonna pump the fruit juice (Heniz Kids Juice) and also fruit. Wil get a slice of papaya every alternate day when I go for my kopitiam session. Seems so difficult to find a nice papaya at Cold Storage. But if someone have a good way to boost his chances of lesser constipation frequency, pls leave me a msg. So heart pain cos sometimes he can try to 'gek sai' for 1-2 days and nothing comes out. Worse than when I was giving birth. 

Lastly, here is my simple recipe.

BBQ Chix Thighs
5 Chix Thighs, washed
2Tbsp Heinz BBQ Sauce
Some Parsely flakes

1) Jus marinate with BBQ sauce, sprinkle parsley and bake for 30mins or til cooked. Serve warm.

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