Friday, June 14, 2013

Gummy Candy

Had to wake up early and no more lazing on the bed for the next 1 week as my grandma went back to my aunt's. So I bring the lil ones to Mac for breakfast, went to have coffee while waiting for library to open... Then we had a 1-hr break in the library, reading to the kids, teaching them to choose their books, putting back after we are done before taking another out. The kids had a great time, surprisingly me too..

So we buy economic bee hoon and Prima's pancake for lunch. Took the bus back then realized we forgot Rayshon's backpack. Alamak. Did a quick call to library hotline and is waiting for the callback. I hope we get to have it back and Thank God, I didn't put any of his toy cars inside today.

I had a bit of time, itchy hands so I made the China Pear drink again. And while brewing it, I did a quick search for the gummy candy recipe which uses fruit juice and work at it straight away... I used Ribena and Manuka honey.. So off the freezer it goes..

Anyway, this version not so good le.. Taste yummy but not so 'harden up' and goes very jelly-like. Need to find the previous recipe that I saw.... 

Homemade Gummy (adapted from Thiswholefamily)
I 2xthe recipe as I am using jelly mould
200ml Ribena
6Tbsp Gelatine
6Tbsp Honey

1) Mix all together and boil til mixture is smooth
2) Pour onto moulds and put in freezer for 10-12mins.
3) Remove and coat with icing sugar to prevent them sticking. Yummy!!

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