Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sof Custard Bread - Part II

Today I am trying it again, after missing out the milk on the custard paste on mon. Hahaha~ Thanks to someone who corrected me that it is paste, instead of TangZhong, at least now I know why it doesn't need to be fridge for at least 16hours. And I chanced upon Smallsmallbaker who also did the same bread and now I know this recipe originate from 猛老师.

Today everything is correct, following the recipe correctly, I find that dough is really soft and easy to manage. I braid 300g into a Raisin Braid and the balance into 30-33g each, into Cheesy Crabmeat w/Chili sauce, and 2 mini raisin rolls at 24g each. And guess what?? My braided roll becomes a loaf, maybe cos i covered my pullman tin instead of leaving it open... Hahahah~ Great!! I bet my gal will be thrilled as she kept asking me buy the Gardenia Raisin Loaf.. And $3++ for 1 loaf, I might as well buy a packet of flour!!

Today the bread is even softer than the 1st attempt with all the ingredients in. And I reduce sugar in bread dough to 20g instead of 30g. Sweetness is just nice now.. Yummy... Will be using this in future.. Definetely easy and great to handle... 

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