Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cooling drink in this hazy weather

Due to the fire in Imdonesia, once again we are experiencing the bad hazy days.. This time round, it is quite bad and last night the haze was as high as 152 by night time. Today, it started off at 100 odd and came up progressively to 120++ as the days goes. Really bad bad for the old people and children. Dear all, please do refrain from a lot of outdoor activities, more water, vitamin C and more rest. 

I remembered I read somewhere that white fungus is good for lungs, and since I still have 1 more china pear at home. I decided to brew it with white fungus, red dates, nan bei xing & rock sugar. I came up with my own concoction and simply put them together. 

I am sharing this recipe here as it is easy to make and you can have it chilled or warm or room temp. Good for a hazy and hot day.

China Pear w/White Fungus
1-2 Dried White Fungus, soaked til expand and soft
Handful of Red Dates, approx 12-15 pcs
1 China Pear, cut
1 Soup Spoon of Nan Bei Xing
Rock Sugar to taste
3 Cup Water

1) Soak hits fungus til soften and expand. Cut away dirty parts, remaining cut into smaller pieces so you can also eat. (Eating it is better) 
2) Wash all ingredients, drain and put into pot. Add 3 Cups of water.
3) Bring to boil and simmer for 20-30mins til pear soften. Serve as per preference. 

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