Monday, June 17, 2013

Custard Bread Loaf *edited Jun 19*

Been a while since I baked bread and since I happen to run out of bread at home, I tot I can try out some new recipes that I have seen recently. The first one I gonna try is this Soft Custard Bread that I saw on Culinary Kitchenette recently.

I hurried to make the custard tang zhong and went to pacify my kids, coax my lil boy to nap. Been quite busy and tired cos I am alone with the kids this week. Hubby busy with conference and grandma not around. Phew.. Thank God that I managed to get things done. Bread and dinner done in a day..

Today we went library again. Then at Mac's for lunch. The kids so enjoy themselves though I had a hard time disciplining them... But after all, still manageable... 

After I settled dinner, bread is done with 2nd proof.. I simply missed the aroma of the bread while it is baking.. The bread is soft, fragrant and nice. I will use this recipe in future too.. Yummy!!

Custard Soft Bread (adapted from Culinary Kitchenette
custard Tang Zhong
10g Caster Sugar
15g Bread Flour
1 Yolk
65g Milk 

Bread Dough
250g Bread Flour
15g Milk Powder *i use bread flour as I don't have milk powder
30g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
4g Yeast
100g Milk
25g Butter

1) Mix dry ingredients in mixing bowl. Add Milk & Tang Zhong to form dough.
2) Add in butter and knead til soft and smooth. (Do the dough test)
3) Proof for 1hr or til doubled. Divide dough into 4s (approx 115g each)
4) Roll out dough and fold into long strips. Placed in bread pan and proof til doubled.
5) Bake for 20-30mins at 180deg.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pris

This method of using custard dough is much more reliable than the tang zhong method.

Whenever I need to make loaf, I will only use this method and I did not even need to add butter. Loaf stayed soft for 3 days.

Yes, truly this method is a keeper for any bread making.

Priscilla Poh

Anonymous said...

I think you missed out on the milk or water at the custard dough.

Priscilla Poh

Priscilla said...

Thanks Priscilla!! I think the source which I taken the recipe also missed out.. No wonder I find my custard dough weird.. Shall try again...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pris

I think this is not tang zhong but it should be custard paste. Tang zhong is of another flour and water/milk ratio and is without yolk and sugar.

Priscilla Poh

Priscilla said...

Hi dear,

I'm just quoting from the recipe source...