Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another minced meat that is easy to prepare

Since tonight hubby is not coming back for dinner. I have to think of something simple and not so much of trouble to prepare. And my kailan is aldy cut and washed, I have to fry it. So I decided to use my balance salted egg whites from Bak Chang to steam minced meat.

I marinate a small portion of minced meat, mashed 1/2 salted egg whites and mix with the meat. Put on the steaming plate and crack an egg on top. Yummy. Great for kids as it is flavourful and simple to prepare. And yes, I steam it on top of the rice while cooking it.

And that's our dinner....

Method: (all based on estimation as I didn't weigh them)
About 3-4 Tbsp Minced Meat
Marinate with sesame oil, lt soy sauce, pepper and cornflour
Mash 1/2 salted egg whites, mix with above minced meat.
Put on plate and crack an egg.
Steam on rack while cooking rice in rice cooker. Serve warm.

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