Saturday, June 15, 2013

Belated 端午节

This year I wrapped the dumplings a bit late cos I wasn't feeling quite well for the past 1 week.. So I am catching up on my to-do list. Hahha~ Using my previous recipe, I used 1kg of rice and 800g approx of meat but I maintain the same amount of marinate used. 

Last year was nice but I feel can be a bit more salty. And instead of soaking the rice for 2-3 hours, I soaked overnight and then marinate the next day. And guess what, I managed to achieve the same sticky rice as those selling outside after boiling for 1hour exact. Bravo!

I wrapped mine the mini size, which is just nice for me. For big eater can eat up to 3 at 1 go or more! I love the 'Chang' and now I kinda regret wrapping so little. I don't know how to distribute them.. But it is really yummy and enough to curb my craving for dumplings!! 


angeline ong said...

Absolutely yummy...hope you're getting better now.

Priscilla said...

Finally lo, after 1 week....