Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bake-Along #46: Coffee & Cinnamon Baked Cheesecake


Saw Ann from AnncooJournal posted this new recipe recently in Facebook, it got me so interested and I so so wanna try. 1 thing that makes me hesitate is that it is coffee-flavored, which means I won't give to my kids. But never mind, my neighbor likes Coffee!! Hahahha~

The aroma that spread thru the whole house while baking, it is therapeutic. Should have baked it earlier while the whole house smell of the 'burning' smell from the bad haze. Regret~ Anyway, I didn't add any coffee oil/paste as I don't have any. I added 1Tbsp of Instant Coffee Granula instead of 1/2. And I mixed the Creamcheese to 100g Creamcheese + 150g 60% less fat Creamcheese. It makes you feel less sinful eating it. Will you?

Verdict: This is really soft, fluffy and nice. It doesn't really shrink much, maybe 10-15% max. But I think perhaps I didn't add Coffee oil/paste, the Cinnamon taste kind of overpower the coffee flavour. But over all, a good recipe.. Nice~

I am submitting this post to Bake-Along event hosted by JoyceLena and Zoe.

Thanks Ann for this yummy recipe too... 

Coffee & Cinnamon Cheesecake (adapted from AnncooJournal
4 Whites
85g Sugar

140ml Milk
50g Butter
250g Cream Cheese (100g Creamcheese + 150g 60% less fat Creamcheese)
4 Yolks
1Tbsp Instant Coffee Granula
1tsp Vanilla extract
1Tbsp Cinnamon Powder
40g Plain Flour
40g Corn Flour

1) Melt Milk and Butter over double-boil method. (I use microwave)
2) Add in Creamcheese and stir til smooth. Stir in instant coffee Granula.
3) Add yolks, then sifted flour(s) & cinnamon powder. Lastly add vanilla extract.
4) Beat egg whites with sugar til soft peak form. Fold 1/2 to batter, then fold in remaining 1/2. 
5) Pour into greased tin, lined bottom of tin. **I sprinkle choc chips on the top of cake*
6) Bake at 150deg for 50-55mins.


Ann Low said...

Pricilla, hahaa... so you're the one posted this on FB lol! No wonder I saw the picture looks so familiar :D So glad to hear you like this cake. Not sure whether I can still submit my post to Bake Along?

Priscilla said...


Oops... Didn't know u wanna post too? I think u can, cos I modify slightly, with the changes in Creamcheese, added choc chips & I used instant coffee granules... Am sure it's ok... =)

Jeannie Tay said...

Looks good and no shrinkage, I like the flavors too!

lena said...

haha..that's really funny when you said the smell of the coffee versus the smell of the haze..yeah, you're in KL right? Ipoh not that bad and it rained yesterday and this afternoon too here. This really sounds like a wonderful soft cheesecake and you hv baked it beautifully. Thanks so much for baking along with us.

Priscilla said...


Slight shrinkage only... =)


I in SG... Hubby in KL now though, work... But heard it was better today... And thanks.... Been missing a lot of Bake Along...

lena said...

oh yeah, i just added the title of your post to the link.

Zoe said...

Hi Priscilla,

Heard about the haze from my families at Singapore. Hope that it is better now... Funny that coffee baking can help to combat smelly haze :p

My first two cheesecakes shrink like crazy after cooling... Good that this cheesecake recipe doesn't shrink the cake that much.