Sunday, June 2, 2013

烫面威风 II

Lately I am so into baking Chiffon using the 烫面 method. Lol~ I simply fall in love with this method and so thankful that Angela asked me to try it at least once. The other day I tried using Happyflour method but I did some modifications. Today I am trying from Kitchen 70s, highly recommended by Angela and our Shifu - Lois. 

Her method is also for Pandan Chiffon, but it is using oil, cake flour and corn flour, and it is heating up the coconut milk then add oil whereas Happy flour is heating up melted butter with coconut milk then add in cake flour. So I am doing a trial tonight to see which is better.. Hahah~ 

For me, I am using the Orangemaid Orange Pulpy drink as I am baking Orange Chiffon. I heat the juice with my microwave then add as per what the recipe says. Am also using RG's orange paste too. 

Verdict: It is slightly more moist but less spongy. Feels a bit in between chiffon & jap cotton cake!

Our simple dinner tonight - Chicken & Ikan Billis Macaroni Soup and Tom Yam Macaroni Soup and that's the reason why I can have more time to bake!! Yeah!!

烫面威风 (adapted from Kitchen 70s)
100g Coconut Milk *i use 100g orange juice*
75g Veg Oil
10-20g Pandan Juice *i use 1tsp Orange paste*
85g Cake Flour
15g Corn Flour
4 Yolks

4 Whites
75g Sugar *i use 70g*
1/8tsp Tartar Powder *omit*

1) Heat orange juice to 80deg. (I microwave for 30secs)
2) Whisk in oil and orange paste. Add in sifted flour(s) then followed by yolks. Mix well.
3) Beat whites and sugar til medium stiff peaks. 
4) Add 1/3 of whites to batter, then pour batter into remaining whites. Fold well.
5) Bake at 180deg for 40-45mins

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