Saturday, June 1, 2013

(Tang Mian) 烫面 Pandan Chiffon II

Using the same recipe from Happy Flour, I am making Pandan Flavour this round cos I feel the texture of Tang Mian Chiffon will go very well with Pandan. Hahah~ Don't ask me why but my impression of Pandan is soft soft, spongy spongy and slightly moist. So here I go..

I followed the recipe exactly, reduced sugar to 70g and omit the 30ml Pandan juice and replaced with 1/2tsp Pandan Paste. (my family prefer less sweet version) And I replaced coconut milk with fresh milk. Hee~ Healthier version. I baked them into 2 6", 1 round tin and 1 chiffon tin.

Today I bake longer, with a more 'brown' top and thus it is not too moist at the top after cooling down. I like the mild Pandan fragrance and kinda regret I didn't add enough Pandan paste.. =(

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