Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soft Custard Bread (Wholemeal version)

I simply fell in love with this recipe, the custard TZ that require only 1hr of fridge, I can simply whip it up in the earlier part of the day then do the bread dough around late afternoon. By evening, I would have a loaf of freshly baked bread or some buns.

My hubby is a whole-grain, Wholemeal or multi-grain bread lover, cos it is healthier than eating white bread. I heard before from a fren that too much yeast is not good. So what is Yeast?

Generally, the yeast we are using for bread is classified under Baker's Yeast. So click on the link, you will read more about it. So is there any health benefits or harmful side effects? In my own personal view, having 1tsp of yeast in a bread loaf to last the family for a week, for that 1-2 slices in the morning, I believe it should be alright. But then again, which type of food doesn't causes harm to your body/health when you consume too much? My belief is that, not too much of everything will do you good. And bread is a staple food in everyone's breakfast, tea break or even supper. So can we really do without it? Even eating too much cakes/pastries, the amount of calories and fats is also harmful so........ 

Alright, back to my bread. I use the Custard Bread recipe and did some modifications. I normally use 265g Bread flour though the recipe calls for 250g Bread Flour + 15g Milk Powder cos I don't have milk powder at home. Today I use a combination of 230g Bread flour + 35g Wholemeal flour. As for liquid, I increase to 120ml of milk as I noticed that Wholemeal bread tends to be slightly drier. The rest I kept it the same.

Today I roll the traditional way, just wrap the mini hotdogs up. I braided the Raisin loaf but forgot to cover when it is having 2nd proof, so no choice, ended up with a not squarish loaf.. 

Verdict: I think can up the amount of Wholemeal flour, perhaps do in ratio of 1:3. Bread is still soft and taste good.. Jus not enuf Wholemeal 'flavour'... Haha~ and here's our comfort food for dinner - Cabbage & Carrot Soup w/Fishball, Minced Meat, Prawns & Scallops. Great for a warm, humid day... And yes, cabbage & carrot for my boy's diet..

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Anonymous said...

love n ejoy reading ur blog,and glad
dat u also attented RG class,n dat where i start my baking,,haha,,
btw,i jus tried out e cheese cake u posted,itz belly belly good,,
n worst belly bigger n not smaller ,
thanks ,,nigela,,sg-north,,