Monday, September 9, 2013

Another recipe on my Breadmaker

I am loving my breadmaker, definetely. It's convenient, knead my dough for me, fuss free on a tired day.. But 1 thing is, it will be hard on the 3rd day though we rarely had any leftovers on 3rd day. So I am thinking of using the previous recipe that I used on the breadmaker..

I am using the Custard Bread recipe which pleases everyone. Making a white bread loaf today to try out. Testing if wholemeal or white bread will makes a difference, using a Breadmaker. Will it affect the texture, softness can be maintain longer etc. So here we go, Custard White Bread today.

Verdict: This recipe is definetely a keeper when it comes to Mixer or Breadmaker. It is so soft, like store-bought. But of cos, minus all the chemicals or preservatives. Got a feeling the bread will finish even faster this round.. Yummy... And my crust is not so hard as I took it out earlier..

Custard Bread (reference to previous post)
15g Bread Flour
10g Sugar
1 Yolk
65g Milk

Mix above in a small pot, stir over low heat til paste-like. 
Leave to cool, chill in fridge for an hour b4 use.

265g Bread Flour
30g Sugar
1/4tsp Salt
4g Yeast
100g Milk
25g Butter

1) Put in wet ingredients, followed by butter, custard paste. Top with flour then yeast.
2) Choose Menu 1, light crust. I took it out 15mins earlier once the crust is nicely browned.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pris

As mentioned before, I agree with you that custard paste is a keeper for making bread. Personally, I prefer this paste over Tang Zhong. However, I normally do not refrigerate paste if I am going to use the custard paste the same day. I used it after it has been cooled down as my opinion is yeast works better with warmer or normal temperature paste dough.

Priscilla Poh

ivy sew said...

Priscilla, this is really nice. Have a nice day :)

Priscilla Toh said...

Hi Priscilla Poh,

Tks for ur valuable feedback. Will definetely try your method too..

Thanks Ivy.. Indeed very soft..

Catherine Cheng said...

Hi! Priscilla Toh,

may i know what is the brand of your Bread Maker?thanks!

Catherine Cheng said...

Hi! Priscilla Toh,

May i know what is the brand of your bread maker? thanks !

Priscilla Toh said...


It's Lenz. I got it from Groupon Deal.

Catherine Cheng said...

thanks Priscilla!