Saturday, September 14, 2013

金牌牛奶吐司 - Using my BM

Once again, trying the popular 金牌牛奶吐司 recipe tat was so popular among all the Chinese blogger previously on my breadmaker. I was wondering what was the 后油法 and went to goggle a bit. It meant adding the butter only after the ingredients form a dough. Following that, I read that for breadmaker to yield a softer bread, it is good to choose a recipe that is high in water content, increase the kneading time like 30-40mins as the usual time spent on kneading is lesser in a BM. 

Anyway, I did follow the method that was written for the recipe. Adding butter after dough forms, I make it knead for 10mins and start the program again, which means I knead for additional 10mins. (Hope itis sufficient) Yes, I am very 'FREE' cos I kept on trying new recipe though I aldy got a few good recipe to use on my BM. 

So, halfway sitting thru my dinner. My hands 'itch' and I decided to take the 'proof' dough out to re-shape and roll. Hahah, wanna do some braids and put back. As well as remove the mixing blade to see if I can remove the bread better after its is done. 

Verdict: It's soft, no eggs used so you can replaced milk with water and set delay timer if u wan freshly-baked breads.. Am sure it's a keeper. Removing the mixing blade also makes it easier to remove too... 

金牌牛奶吐司 (adapted from QiQi)
300g Bread Flour
30g Sugar
3/4tsp Yeast
1/2tsp Salt *omitted, I usu dun add salt*
198g Milk
20g Butter

1) Add milk, sugar, flour then yeast last. Let BM knead til dough forms.
2) Open cover of BM, add butter gradually and knead for another 10mins. 
3) I off and restart again. I took out after 2nd proof and roll an d shape. Put back and bake in BM.


ivy sew said...

Sounds so easy. Will try with my breadmaker too as it has been sitting in the store room for too long, hahaha :)

Priscilla Toh said...

Hi Ivy,

Thanks for always coming over to 'visit' me... =) Yes, very simple recipe.. Gonna try more simple recipes soon... Lol~