Sunday, September 22, 2013

老公和老婆面包 - Hubby & Wifey Bread

Ha~ I know many must be wondering how come I name it Hubby & Wifey bread. I shall explain why. Both hubby and I have very different tastebuds in many food that we liked. For example, I simply love the chocolate in many pastries and bread but for hubby, it's the simplicity that will really work for him.

Having a BM, I have been wanting to be able to bake a loaf of yummy Chocolate Chips bread for myself, and I believe the kids will love it too. But the thoughts of baking twice, a bit put me off cos usually I do the baking in between sending and fetching my gal to school, or on a weekend evening. So since today I am home, I decided to bake TWICE! 

I used the previous bread recipe and substitute the Bread flour:Wholemeal flour in ratio of 5:1. Meaning I am using 250g bread flour + 50g wholemeal flour. The rest of the ingredients remains the same.

As for my chocolate bread, I am using this recipe from angelcookbakelove. Her recommendations never goes wrong for me. So I am rather excited. Exactly, as I said, angel won't tell lies. Ha~ The chips really 'disappear' into the loaf, and really super duper soft. It is by far, the softest I tried. Pls do give it a try, u will really love this recipe. And the additional 2Tbsp Coco Powder makes it really very rich.. Chocolate lovers, try it!

So now you know why I am calling today's bake - hubby & wifey bread rite? Hubby: Wholemeal bread, Wifey: Double Chocolate Bread. And I freshly packed for my neighbor too...

Double Chocolate Chips (adapted from AngelCookBakeLove)
1Egg + Water - 225ml *i substitute milk
100ml Milk
11/2tsp Salt
40g Sugar
25g Butter

450g Bread Flour 
1 tbsp Coco powder *i use 3Tbsp
1 ½ tsp Yeast
100g Chocolate chips, mixture of dark & white

1) I put egg & milk mixture, milk, bread flour, coco powder, salt & sugar opposite side, yeast in a dent on top of flour. Knead 10mins, add in butter. Knead another 10min.
2) Start prg - Menu 1, Light crust, 900g loaf. Take out 20mins earlier.

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