Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Failed Attempt : Trying out FastBake with my BM

Eventful day for me today. Filled with lots of impromptu stuff tt was accomplished. 

First, I had a yummy lunch at my Fav Pizza Plc. I got a bargain deal for 2 casual tops at $10. Then I splurge $100 odd on 2 boxes of Mooncakes. (Mainly for my gal cos she wants durian mooncakes and I am lazy to buy and make fresh durian flesh fillings)

Secondly, I managed a quick nap after coming home with my kiddos b4 meeting my GFs for a impromptu lantern outing with the kiddos. Had a 'sweaty' nite and the kids had fun. 

Lastly, I had a mini drinks session with hubby n kids at MBS Lounge. Only to realized I forgot to bake bread for tml. Hahah~ 

I decided to try the FastBake option on my BM with the recipe provided by the manual. Anyway, I ended up with a de se bread. It's more like those bread serve in restaurants and cafe to go with soup. Not to my liking cos I wanna haf it for breakfast.. 

FastBake Bread by Lenz BM manual
270ml water, replaced with milk
4Tbsp Canola Oil
4tsp Sugar
1tsp salt
3 Cups Bread Flour
15g Milk Powder *omit*
3tsp yeast

1) Put ingredients as per above. Menu 1, Light crust.

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Reuel said...

hi dya have a manual for the Lenz breadmaker? I cant find one online