Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recipe recommended by a nice fren

I actually bought the same breadmaker with Angela from AngelCookBakeLove from Groupon deal. She recommended me to try this Si Shen Bread recipe that she tried previously. It is a straight bread method, no need to make custard paste nor TangZhong or any starter. 

I was really thrilled as she always gave me very valuable feedbacks and comments. A very sharing blogger and fren to have. I replaced her Si Shen powder for Flaxseed meal as I do not have the powder. I tried it out immediately once the bread supply is low. Hahah~

It is a mixture of Bread Flour, Wholemeal Flour and Plain Flour with added 10g of Flaxseed meal. So it's another method for Wholemeal Flaxseed Loaf that I am baking. Can't wait to see my end results as I don't have to prepare any extra ingredients in advance. 

Verdict: It's really very soft, as what Angela told me. Definetely another keeper for my BM. Love to bits. And my wrong Amy of milk didnt affect the texture and softness. Hurray! I guess it's time to buy more 'toppings' to add variation to me bread.. 

Wholemeal Flaxseed Bread (slight modifications from Angelcookbakelove)
320g Bread Flour
40g Wholemeal Flour
30g Plain Flour
10g Si Shen Powder *replaced with Flaxseed Meal*
220ml Milk *i added 200ml cos I misread*
1 Egg
2Tbsp Sugar
2Tsp Yeast
1tsp Salt*omit for health reasons*
30g Butter, soften

1) I added Milk, Egg, Sugar, followed by (Bread + Wholemeal + Plain) Flour, yeast. Mix for 5 min in BM.
2) I added spoonful of butter once it comes together into a dough, continue to knead 5mjn til smooth.
3) I restart my BM program, choose 900g, Menu 1, Light crust. Take out 15mins earlier or once the crust is nicely browned.

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