Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flaky Swirl Mooncake II

Not satisfied that I wrapped my moonies the wrong side up, I decided to attempt again with my durian lotus paste for my gal who loves durians. I purposely bought the durian lotus paste for her as she has been bugging me for durian mooncakes. So I tot why not home made for her as I can control the sweetness and freshly made.

I just realized I calculate wrongly for my oil dough, wondering how come my layers were not obvious and of cos, I wrapped the wrong way out. Today, I attempt again, 2X of the recipe used yday. I made 18 mini moonies today!

Today's Mooncake have more 'layering' looks. But it seems not perfect and as nice as those Ann made. Some other bloggers also have very nice swirls on their mooncakes as well. I need more practicing to perfect the looks. But at least my mini moonies looks better today!

I 2X the same recipe used yday.
20g Water Dough + 10g Oil Dough + 10g Paste


victoria bakes said...

they are very colourful and pretty... nice addition to the dining table

Ann Low said...

Hi Priscilla, Next when you roll the dough, roll it to longer length. The layers will show after rolling up and baked.
Oh I love your pretty box :)

Priscilla Toh said...

Tks Victoria!!

Tks for the tips.. Come to think of it, I nvr roll long long...