Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baked Oreo Cheesecake with Ready-Crust

Was 'shopping' at Cold Storage earlier today, came across the ready-crust for cheesecake that I always saw but didn't buy cos I find the price too ex for something I could make at home. Today was on clearance cos it is expiring on Sep 10 so I tot to myself, buy 1 and try..

I used my old recipe and tweak slightly. I added additional 3Tbsp of cornflour and layer it with Strawberry Oreo cookies. Today I didn't remove the cream.. Hee~ Wanna try out how it would taste. My recipe can yield a 8" cake, along with 12 mini Cuppies. Yummy!!

Verdict: Super yummy in my view. The crust is very nice too.. Wld definetely 'aim' when Cold Storage is clearing stock next time. And the cake is so light and not overly cheesy. I think hubby will enjoy it when he is back tml. (My kids had 2 Cuppies each at 1 go for supper)

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