Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little Sponge Cupcakes

Finally got the courage, as well as time to bake this little cupcakes. I was intrigued when I saw Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover post when I was searching for some sponge recipe. And I simply fell in love with the outlook as well as the comments given by Sonia. 

I saw her using a KA to mix in flour, after the eggs reaching balloon stage, and it seems a higher chance of me succeeding in making sponge-related cakes? (Oh, if you follow my blog, you would know that I am super afraid of baking sponge and I have a high failure rate for it) 

Anyway, I was home early on a Saturday and hubby went out to jog. So I have a empty time slot that my itchy hands can't seems to be able to 'rest'! I decided to go thru my KIV list and then I saw this recipe that I bookmarked. And since recently I have a baker fren who also tried this, she have me super thumbs up review and that it was pretty easy to do it too.. So..... Here I go...

Indeed, it was quite simple to follow exactly as Sonia's steps. Although the adding of flour spoonful by spoonful did intimidate me, when the batter deflate slightly, I decided to let it be and just trust the steps to go. Hahahah~ And finally I add a drop of pink colourings, hoping to see swirls inside, mix in gently with my spatula and faster fill my cupcake to 90% full.

Verdict: Indeed it is very soft, slightly spongy. Not very dry but a bit sweet for me, will reduce 10-15g next round. Yummy!! Most impt, my kids love it.

Strawberry Sponge Cupcakes (adapted for NasiLemakLover)
25g Canola Oil
35g Milk (original recipe use orange juice for orange Cuppies)
100g Cake Flour
1/2tsp Salt *omit*
3 Eggs
95g Sugar

1) Put eggs and sugar in mixing bowl and beat at Speed 8-9 for 3mins. Then reduce to Speed 5-6 for 10mins.
2) Batter will be thick now. Reduce to Speed 1-2 and continue to beat for 1-2mins. 
3) While mixer is still on, add in spoon by spoon of flour, followed by the oil+milk mixture.
4) Do not over mix, fill cupcake cases 90% full.
5) Bake at 175deg for 20-25mins.

**above speed and timing is based on a Kitchenaid mixer.

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