Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Bread Recipe

My bread supply lasted a day, I think too yummy and kinda store-bought texture so it ended up finishing very fast. I was itching to try another recipe that I have bookmarked. It seems like another recipe from a Breadmaker -Bluesky manual.

The amount of milk used seems lesser than normal recipe that makes a 900g dough. And it is my first using 2 eggs for a recipe. I am excited to try. And since grandma been asking for raisins loaf, I decided to make a bigger loaf of 600g Raisin loaf and a 300g Chocolate chips loaf for myself. Yummy..

Verdict: It is soft and fluffy and the bread is enough to last for 3 days. The sweetness is not overly sweet as I omit the honey. Overall, it is also another recipe to keep if you are making a huge quantity. =)

Sweet Bread Recipe (adapted from BlessedHomeMaker)
520g Bread Flour (used 260g of bread flour and plain flour each)
4Tbsp Sugar
2Tbsp Honey *omit as I ran out of it*
1/2tsp Salt
11/4tsp Yeast

1) I put ingredients as per above sequence. Menu 8 for dough function.
2) I divide into 4x150g balls and 3x100g balls. Roll out accordingly for the raisins and chocolate chips loaf. Leave to proof 40-50mins or til doubled in size.
3) Bake at 190deg for 30mins or til browned.

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