Monday, September 30, 2013

Late Night Sunday routine

Been craving about luncheon meat buns ever since I opened the can of luncheon meat to fry noodles. I specially keep 3 stripes so that I could make buns with them when I bake my breads on Sunday. Ha~

I decided to have a try at the worm shaped bread with Nutella as well. I did 3 buns as well for trial. My 1st 'worm' was really perfect. My 2nd one, I cut the stripes and turn over before rolling into a long buns and it seems much much better. 

I am using this recipe that I used previously, following exactly the same. I managed to get 6x35g doughs for the buns, 3x180g into Flaxseed Wholemeal Cheese Bread loaf. Sound yummy for all the flavour that I am baking today. Can't wait.

Verdict: it's definetely yummy with the cheese oozing out from the loaf. Hubby took a slice after I slice it up minutes out from BM. With the aid of my bread slicer, I can cut it better but it is gonna make things much easier if the loaf is cooled completely. Can't wait to eat my luncheon bun tml for breakfast.

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