Sunday, September 8, 2013

My 鸳鸯 Dual flavour bread!

So far, I have baked 3 loaf of bread with my Breadmaker. 2 times were the Wholemeal bread, and once was using same recipe but all using bread flour for plain loaf. With the plain loaf, I was kinda curious to find out if the sequence of ingredients will really affect the texture of the bread. I added the ingredients in the opposite way, dry then wet ingredients. I ended up with a dense bread, harder texture the nxt day. So, now I really believe that the sequence of ingredients does makes a difference.

Ok, why do I call my bread 鸳鸯 Dual flavour? I let my breadmaker knead and do the first proof since i started early. I took out the bread dough after first proof, oh today was Flaxseed Wholemeal bread, and divide the dough into 2 portion. 1 was the 'original' meaning Flaxseed Wholemeal, the other was rolled with loads of chocolate chips. 

Why do I do that? Hahaha~ Reason was because, I kept wanting take Wholemeal chocolate chips bread but I supposed only me and the kids would love it. Hubby said he don't wan and grandma also don't eat. So since it's early and I wanna try if I use the Breadmaker to do the kneading and 1st proof, will the end results be the same as me leaving the breadmaker to knead, proof and bake.

Anyway, we all got our own favourite bread loaf. As for texture, crust not as hard, bread still soft and nice.. Perhaps will do that when I am not tired or got more time...

Flaxseed Wholemeal Dual Flavour bread loaf (adapted from previous post)
200g Bread Flour
100g Wholemeal Flour
10g Flaxseed powder
5g Yeast
10g Sugar *replaced with 1tsp honey as I forgot to buy sugar*
150ml Milk
15g Butter

1) I added wet ingredients, butter, flour, flaxseed powder then yeast.
2) I divide the dough after 1st proof into 2 portion. Rolled 1 portion as per norm, another added loads of chocolate chips and roll up. Proof for 40-45mins, or til doubled.
3)Bake for 30-45mins. 

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