Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rainbow rainbow where are you?

My gal adores the rainbow agar agar from the fruit stall. She will ask for a slice whenever I walked over to get fruits. So I decided, I must learn to make and sad to say, my experience with agar agar has always been not successful. (In terms of the rainbow layer)

Today I tried again, with Wendy's recipe. Hoping I can get it right. But once again, my last minute decision to cook it seems wrong. I couldn't get the layers right. Worse, my 1st 2 layer seems to be mixed up. Argh... (Mental note, make it during the day so I can let each layer set for about 5mins so tt it will mix again. 

But the agar agar still never fail to win the kids hearts, though it wasn't really a nice rainbow. The messy colors didn't deter them from having slices after slices. Happy mummy. Definetely will try it again til I can get my layers right.

All cut and and nicely sitting in the box.

Rainbow Agar Agar (adapted & modified slightly from wendyinkk)
1 pkt of agar agar powder, white. (About 5-6layers)
Each layer:
1tsp agar powder
20g sugar
1 drop colourings
200-250ml water, depending on the 'hardness' you prefer

1) Mix all ingredients per layer, bring to boil and pour into mould. Let it set slightly before pouring another layer on top. 
2) Repeat til all layers are done. *Note as more layers are added, more time must be given for agar agar to set.
3) Cool and set in fridge for 4hrs or overnight.

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